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Our services support each individual to define their own goals while recognizing that transition takes time.

Funded by MassHealth’s Acquired Brain Injury and Moving Forward Plan Community Living waivers, delivered by Empower, our services are dedicated to ensuring that adults who have transitioned from nursing facilities have the necessary resources to maintain a secure and fulfilling life within their community. These services are provided within the comfort of the individual’s home and community, working in harmony with their natural support systems.

We strongly believe in individual empowerment, offering a range of choices and actively encouraging individuals to carve out their unique path, even when it means taking risks that promote growth and independence. At Empower, we firmly uphold the principle that individuals should be the decision-makers in their lives. We coach individuals through thoughtful decision-making, assisting them on their path to embracing their independence, learning from their experiences, and exercising their freedom. Services range from as little as 1-2 hours a week up to 84 hours per week, as determined by the Plan of Care and approved by the funder.

Service Types Include:

An Individual Support and Community Habilitation Specialist (ISCH) is an experienced social worker or case coordinator who visits with the individual weekly in their home. The ISCH may work with individuals on many issues, including medical management, housing challenges, financial management, transportation resources, and others. In addition, ISCHs can be assigned as surrogates for the MassHealth PCA program helping individuals recruit, hire, and train PCAs.

An Adult Companion is a staff person with caregiving experience hired to be with an individual for several hours each day or week. The Adult Companion can assist with supervision and socialization. Adult Companions can accompany individuals on activities, outings, and medical appointments, as well as assist with household management such as meal preparation, laundry, and shopping. 

A Personal Care Worker or Home Health Aide is a staff person with caregiving experience hired to be with an individual for several hours each day or week. Personal Care Workers/Home Health Aides provide hands-on care, such as showering and dressing, and can help with health management issues. They can also provide cueing and supervision to prompt the individual to perform the task themselves. This service may also include housekeeping chores.

A Homemaker is hired to provide housekeeping services only. This service includes cleaning, laundry, shopping, and cooking.

Chore services are provided to participants to maintain clean, sanitary, and safe environments. Including heavy household cleaning, moving, or attending to large-scale issues not otherwise able to be addressed by a Homemaker or other services.