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Education and care in a family environment

The Family Child Care System includes children referred through Empower, Empower’s Early Childhood Specialists and the Family Child Care educator. Empower supports the enrollment process. Our staff assess and qualify income-eligible families for subsidies based on EEC guidelines. Empower also accepts vouchers and state-agency referrals for Family Child Care.

Once in our system, we work to place your child with a Family Child Care educator in our network. Private consumers are encouraged to enroll directly with Family Child Care educators, as we do not manage their private enrollment.

The Early Childhood Specialist supports the educator to provide a best practice approach to high-quality early education. Supports include monthly visits to the Family Child Care setting and ongoing coaching, mentoring and training that focuses on continuous quality improvement, training and guidance around child observation, screening and assessment, and age-specific curriculum development.

Each educator manages their own operations, including setting their own hours of operation, schedules and closures.

For eligible families, additional supportive services may be available.

For Educators

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